Common Gas stove problems and their possible solutions

A gas stove top is a standard appliance in today’s kitchens, making it possible to prepare various meals. It’s undeniably a must-have item for every kitchen. However, people may become anxious if it malfunctions or gives warning indicators. Your gas burner needs to be fixed if it is not lighting, has a poor flame, is leaking gas, or has any other problem.

gas stove problems

We’ve compiled these essential gas stove problems solutions to assist you in resolving the most common issues with your gas range at home. Most of these issues are simple enough to decide on your own, but if you’re having gas stove problems, a good gas stove repair home service should be easy to find.

Here are few Common gas stove top problems and Their Solutions:

  • The gas burner is not lighting.

Most gas stoves have this initial starting-flame-failure issue. There are two possible explanations for this occurrence. The first problem is the dysfunctional ignition switch. In the second point, the valves are closed, and gas is not circulating. If your gas stove isn’t working correctly, you should try the most obvious troubleshooting step: turning on a burner. 

Turn off the circuit breaker and disconnect the range. The greasy food, debris, etc, may now be cleaned from the burner and grate by removing them. Try powering it up to test if it works after a thorough cleaning. If it doesn’t light, you probably need a replacement igniter or else you can call pigeon customer care number.

  • simmering heat

Whatever kind of gas burner or cooktop, the food always takes forever to heat up. When a flame takes a long time to get hot, it’s usually because dust or debris blocks airflow into the burners.

Fixing this problem is simple. Don’t forget to unplug everything and take out the stovetop. Soak the stovetop burners in a pot of soapy hot water for a few minutes. Both baking soda and vinegar have cleansing properties. To clean it thoroughly, you should use a brush or scrub to remove the grime and other particles that have settled into the burner apertures. Just wipe it down with a clean cloth. Put it back together and use it again.

  • Noisy Burners

Excessive air or gas flow via the valves might cause the burner flames to make a lot of noise. Since an excess of gas can produce fire, this could be dangerous. Even worse, the fuel is wasted.

To fix this, you need to access the air shutter underneath the burner. See if the gas is moving any quicker than usual. Find reputable gas stove repair services if you have trouble evaluating the situation. Or to take help contact with pigeon customer care.

  • Smell of Gas

Sometimes the gas can leak from the gas or the pipelines. There’s a possibility of harm coming from doing this. First, make sure the burners are turned off, and then move on to fixing it. When the gas is turned off, the odor might still be detected, indicating a gas leak.

The issue can be fixed by seeing if the gas line has been compromised. The leak will likely be at one pipe’s end if everything checks out. Broken pipes necessitate the purchase and installation of a brand-new line. If you cannot locate the problem, turn off the gas supply and look for “stove mending near me” to get gas stove repair services in your area and call at pigeon call center.


While the convenience of a gas stove makes it a staple in many households, its issues cannot be overlooked. These issues are typical of gas stoves and can usually be fixed by the homeowner. But don’t play about with gas pipelines and supplies, as these can be dangerous. Instead of trying to handle the task yourself, take help from pigeon call center.

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